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Rocking S Horsemanship

“Show the horse a direction and ask them to go. They have to have forward movement. I don’t want to ask a whole lot until he is freed up. I am looking for his tail to be out, him to feel good about where he is at and not be bothered by much. You are watching his ears and head. Now switch directions. The horse needs to move. Once that is established and the horse isn’t bothered, wanting to jump or buck, then we are going to start to establish the rein to match with his hind foot. The left hind foot should cross over the right. He will get better as he goes. Moving the rein in time with the horses foot gets him to loosen up and begin to soften.”

– Andy Keys

Andy Keys

Andy Keys has spent the last 30 years training horses and working the range in the Owyhee desert and Great Basin country.  This time has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the horses’ true nature – how a horse thinks and communicates.  The knowledge and experience that Andy brings to the equine industry is one of humble beginnings, impressive talent, and unprecedented work-ethic that he is just beginning to share with the world. 



Upcoming clinics 2024

COLT START CLINIC: August 9th, 10th & 11th in Salmon, ID

Limited to 6 horses. 

Cost is $550. 

To sign-up call Jessica at (208) 596-5432

Overnight camping, RV hook-ups and stalls available for an extra fee.