sponsor a clinic

sponsor a clinic

Have Horses…..Will Travel!

To sponsor a clinic, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible and we will get back to you in at timely manner. Colt Starting Clinics are capped at 6 participants and require 4 or 5 days. Ranch Riding and Horsemanship Clinics can be 3, 4 or 5 days and are capped at 10 participants. Booking participants would be the responsibility of the arena. 

Down payment would be required before travel. 


Since meeting Andy , going to his clinics and sending him a horse for 60 days, I have grown so much in my personal horsemanship. Andy has a gift for giving both horse and rider a strong confidence. His training style is one that builds trust and respect in human and equine. Meeting them right where they are and guiding them to a solid foundation. I am truly grateful for the growth I experience every time I ride with Andy. He is truly a Horseman in the tradition of the great one. 

                                                       ~ Stephane Gallado


My horse, Red, is a BLM Mustang from the Nevada Inmate Training Program that I intend to use for mountain riding.  Andy Keys has invested thoughtful training techniques and much care into assuring my horse and I are both safe and functional.  Andy accomplishes this by instilling the importance of having fun and finding effective ways to ask your horse to do the work you would like him/her to do.

Andy is an exceptional horse trainer in that he puts emphasis on assuring both horse and rider enjoy the learning process.  I have attended two Rocking Horsemanship Clinics and have had several opportunities to interact with Andy.  On all occasions I have had to work with Andy, I have felt that both my horse and I are getting the best possible experience in advancing our partnership.