The Intern Program at Rocking S Horsemanship is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced trainer Andy Keys. Andy has spent the last 30 years training horses and working the range in the Owyhee desert and Great Basin country. This time has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the horses' true nature - how a horse thinks and communicates. The knowledge and experience that Andy brings to the equine industry is one of humble beginnings, impressive talent, and unprecedented work-ethic that he is just beginning to share with the world through his teaching and clinics. Interns can expect to learn how to start and re-start horses from the ground up. Students will be exposed to a variety of equine disciplines to provide a well-rounded experience and education. Ideal candidates must have previous horse experience and time in the saddle. Looking for an individual with a willingness to learn, good work-ethic, positive attitude, and not afraid of getting their hands duty. Along with a lot of riding, individuals will be responsible for daily horse care, feeding and stall/arena cleaning. Some miscellaneous activities that you may be required to participate in include; ranch work, doctoring horses/cows, trail riding, fence maintenance, arena maintenance, and assistance with clinics. Applicant Instructions: 1.) Fill out and Return Application 2.) Resume 3.) Short Video of Riding 4.) Sign Release of Liability Waiver Form